Monday, 12 December 2011

Anchor Crush!

Lisa LaFlemme

When I was a little girl, all of my friends gushed over celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. They'd pine over them and say how desperately they wanted to be them for a day. Personally, I never wanted to become them, even though I did admire them in my own way. I knew all the words to their biggest songs and the dance moves featured in their music videos, but trading places with Britney Spears was never my desire.

Fast forward nearly ten years later to present day, and I still don't want to be any celebrity for a day (even Beyonce, and that's saying a lot because I adore her). Unless, you count CTV National News anchor Lisa LaFlemme as a celebrity, that is.

Meeting Mr. Lloyd Robertson while volunteering with CP24!

Lisa LaFlemme is the anchor I aspire to be like. She breathes life into her readings, makes all the appropriate facial expressions, and is joy to watch. Even if I didn't have an interest in news, I would still watch her just for the sake of watching her! Her appeal has a lot to do with how approachable she appears to be. Lisa LaFlemme filled the chief anchor position that Lloyd Robertson created when he retired after 41 years of anchoring for CTV.
It's also who Lisa LaFlemme is off camera that gives me so much respect for her. As a foreign correspondent she travelled to Iraq to cover the American invasion and the elections, has reported on the Canadian mission in Afghanistan and was one of the first reporters on the scene when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.

Television has been doing an excellent job of showcasing strong, successful women in positions of influence. It's encouraging watching a female anchor such as Lisa who is compassionate, intelligent and involved in her community.

Lisa LaFlemme's poster may not be hanging in bedrooms of little girls, but it doesn't make her any less of a superstar.

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