Thursday, 15 December 2011

Blast Off

he asks me why i bury my head in space, amidst the stars and comets
instead of face, face to face, him and us and me
where else will i find the air? the space? stifling, he makes it hard
but i couldn’t tell him
couldn’t break him
shake him out of his dream that he’s held onto so dearly
the words are not there and the actions are unclear
if only we knew how to say goodbye without severing ties
love is not enough anymore
no, not nearly enough when my feelings are shoving me out the door
into my helmet and my suit and my spaceship
he doesn’t know what he wants to do
wave goodbye to the spaceship, or sit beside me, in the cockpit
is it worth it? are we there yet? whats the mileage on this?
worn and tired we’re losing traction
losing attraction

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