Thursday, 15 December 2011

I'm a Pseudo Poet

Good Morning

i’m trying to figure out the best part
the trouble is figuring out where to start
do i begin where you whisper to me, every morning
that today will be the best day of my life?
or the part where i laugh, and tell you not to start with that
that motivational crap
no, i’ll begin where you smile, like a loving parent to a wild child
amusement and frustration dancing across your face
go back to bed, i end up saying, all the while praying
that you will never raise your anchor
never set sail so that i will become a tale you tell
your piano fingers stroke the keys of my body
and play me like a motzart piece
oh, here’s the crescendo
the height of the symphony
don’t tell me not to close my eyes
its a roller coaster and im at the top
i don’t dare look down, look at the drop
the fall is steep, the jerk is deep
then i open my eyes
meet your eyes
greet your smile
im late for school
but i’ll stay for a while

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