Sunday, 11 December 2011

Do Messages in Music Matter?

Its clearly tough because you have to weigh the right the artist has to express themselves through their own music against the popular ideas of what’s considered right and wrong. I for one won’t sit through a record knowing it contains anti semetic remarks or hateful lyrics or overall negative vibes. You could very well enjoy the record because its really well produced and the beat is amazing, but I feel like my sitting a listening to the track supports the ideals of the artist and encourages them to produce more of the same thing. It’s the responsibility of the artist to include all races and cultures and genders, because every listener is a potential fan. But when your content offends and excludes a group of people, you could have lost a whole bunch of people who would have bought your album because of how great your sound is. Bottom line is- have respect for your audience so your audience can respect your music. That’s my take on it!

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