Thursday, 15 December 2011

Life Lessons

Here’s the bottom line. The underline, the denominator. Not everyone is going to like you. No matter how charming you think you are, or how polite you attempt to be, other people aren’t necessarily going to respond to it the way you want them to. Does that mean you raise your hands in the air and give up? “Oh, he/she doesn’t like me? Fine, I give up on being a nice person.” No! If a single person can completely change your personal resolutions, then you need to re-evaluate who you’re living for. Shake off the shackles, already. Be your own person. Really, all you can do is try. Because you know what? For every 1 person out there who doesn’t like you, I bet there are 10 who think you’re pretty rad. So remember: not everyone is going to like you- but hey, life goes on. Just remember that for others to like you, you just have to like yourself first.

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